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Protecting your Enhancement

Exposure to Sun, Salt Chlorine & Chemicals

  • Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and colour change.
  • Wear a sun block, or products containing UVA/UVB blocks, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyeliner.
  • Salt or chlorinated water can cause a bleaching effect – it is recommended the area be covered with Vaseline.
  • Chemicals of any kind could interfere with the healing and the colour.
  • Glycolic Acid and face peel products must be kept completely away from the enhancement as continued use could lighten colours.

Laser Resurfacing

If you are having laser resurfacing or laser hair removal after your Cosmetic enhancement, please inform that laser operator of your Cosmetic procedure.

Hitting the enhancement with the laser beam could darken it, or it may turn grey or black.


Your Enhancement is now in your hands

  • After your treatment you will receive an aftercare balm. Apply a THIN smear of the Cosmetic Balm with a clean cotton tip. No more than 3 times a day. Excessive application can cause pigment loss.
  • Remember to take your soothing aftercare balm with you in your handbag when you leave home!
  • The area where the enhancement has been applied must be kept moist for successful healing and to avoid scabbing.
  • Scabbing will result in excessive loss of pigment.
  • Skin can take anywhere from 21 to 36 days to repair itself using the Cosmetic after care balm. It will nourish and repair the skin, and protect it from infections.
  • NO water on the area for 7 days – if the area comes into contact with water- pat the area dry with a tissue –NO rubbing
  • NO SOAP or CLEANSERS or WATER on the treated area for 7 days, as they can be detrimental to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to stabilise in the dermis.
  • NO Make-Up is to be applied to eyebrows, eyeliner or lip area for at least 7 days.
  • NO picking at any flaking or crusting that may occur — let the scales fall off naturally — picking could cause scarring.




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